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Tea for Two: July and August

My Harney & Sons Tea of the Month club just arrived, and as I was getting ready to write this, I noticed I hadn’t reviewed last month’s shipment. Which actually works out fine, because there is a bit of continuity between the two shipments. πŸ™‚

July’s teas were a Rooibos Chai and Blood Orange Iced tea

I was not super enthused when I opened the box, because I am not a rooibos fan. However, the first cup changed my mind. Not about rooibos in general, but this is an OK tea. The chai spices are just strong enough mask the rooibos flavor, and it all just works out together. Since it’s caffeine free, it’s good for an evening hot beverage. Don’t know if I would buy this one again on purpose, but I’m glad I tried it.

The blood orange iced tea is delicious! It smells and tastes wonderful – very citrusy and sweet/sour. Also it is herbal, which makes it nice for evening. We don’t do a lot of iced tea here, because we don’t really need to. But it has been really hot this past summer and this blend was very welcome. I would definitely buy this tea again, and in fact have plans to get some at the start of next summer.

This month’s tea were a plain black iced tea and black currant black tea.

Both are very good! The plain iced tea is in fact just plain black tea in great big bags for brewing iced tea. It is a nice crisp blend and lends itself well to lemon and sugar. I normally drink tea plain, but as an iced tea this calls for a bit of embellishment.

The black currant is a lovely fruity tea. It has a very nice flavor and scent. I would buy this again, probably in rotation with some of my other flavored tea favorites πŸ™‚

My little extras this month are a raspberry flavored black tea ice tea bag, a plain bag of organic green, and a very interesting sounding white vanilla grapefruit tea. I’m pretty interested to try that one, so will let you know how it is!

So that’s my tea report for this month. Tried any good teas lately? Or other hot beverage of your choice?

14 thoughts on “Tea for Two: July and August

  1. The blood orange iced tea sounds really nice. I bought a box of sleepy time tea when grocery shopping yesterday but it was too hot and humid here to drink hot tea before bed. But I did sleep all night so maybe I just need the tea in the house to have it work:)

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  2. These teas both sound delicious! My friend introduced me to Rooibos tea several years ago and I have searched it out ever since. I tried a blood orange beer this summer. Is that similar to blood orange iced tea? I liked that! πŸ™‚

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