BYK Sock Progress Report

By using lunchtimes and the drive time back and forth to last weekend’s fiber festival, I have finally gotten to the heel part. It is an afterthought heel, so the waste yarn is in, and now I’m starting on the leg part. I have an inch and a half or so to go, then it’s time to do intarsia in the round!

At that point I plan to slip them onto double point needles and do them one at a time. The intarsia part is on the “outside” side of the calf for each sock, so I think for this first try with this technique I will take it easy ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Monday, so the latest clue for the Perfect Blend MKAL shawl was released. These socks are calling me to get moving, but my fingers appreciate the break with bigger needles for a little while!

How are your projects going? Are you getting any knitting done in spite of the summer heat?

8 thoughts on “BYK Sock Progress Report

  1. I really love the yarn that you are using. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I have been knitting a little bit, but only a row here or there. I need to buckle down and get some projects off the needles.

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