BYK Socks Started

The July project for the Boost Your Knitting pattern/technique club is for learning intarsia in the round. For non-knitters playing along at home, intarsia is a colorwork technique where you knit a pattern using one or more extra colors in just one area of the fabric, instead of carrying the other colors along the length of your fabric. Usually this is done in flat knitting, because the extra yarn goes back and forth in just the one spot. If you are really interested, there is a short-ish YouTube video demonstrating the process here. So intarsia in the round is pretty nifty!

The pattern is a pair of socks with a sort of takeoff of argyle on them – the Heartgyle socks. I am altering the design somewhat for myself, and also am knitting from stash, so my yarns are different. But in any case, I have a good start on them…

Most of the socks will be the confetti gray – just the toes and heel and a bit of the intarsia accent are red. They are knit just like regular socks up until the calf, until I get to the design part.

What are you working on? How are your projects going?

12 thoughts on “BYK Socks Started

  1. Intarsia has never been my favorite, but I’ll give it a go in the round, eventually. I have Anne Berk’s Annetarsia book, which is full of lovely in-the-round intarsia patterns. I just have to have a spare knitting moment for it.

    Currently knitting with linen, which I love for summer knitting. I finished my white linen top, and it’s at the tech editor today. I’m knitting another one in marine blue, just because it’s fun. It’s really quick knitting, because it’s Aran weight yarn. Quince & Co’s Kestrel is a lightweight linen i-cord tube, so it’s hollow and airy. Interesting stuff! I must like it, since I’m doing it again…

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    1. I have looked at that book but haven’t picked it up yet. Maybe I’ll fall in love with the technique and need it!

      I love knitting with linen yarn too – very interested to see your top! Aran weight linen sounds even better, as it would knit up quickly 🙂 I made a top a couple years ago with a linen tape yarn – it worked up quickly and pretty nicely. The top was kind of stiff at first, but the more I wear and wash it the drapier and softer it gets. So definitely looking forward to yours!


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