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This Saturday, June 5, is World Wide Knit in Public Day! All over, the world, knitter and other fiber crafters are making a point of knitting in public places.

Some knitting groups or yarn shops or other interested parties are holding events, some of them quite elaborate. Others are just staging what winds up sounding kind of like a sit-in, but with yarn. If you want to see if there’s an event anywhere near you, check out the Find a KIP search on the site above.

As it turns out, there is an event in downtown Anchorage. I should probably go, and who knows – maybe I will! Otherwise, I will just have my knitting with me as we run around that day. We are planning on going out for breakfast – that counts as public πŸ™‚

Are you planning to knit or otherwise craft in public on Saturday? Also, do you knit (or otherwise craft) in public at all?

4 thoughts on “WWKIP Day!

  1. I highly recommend you go! I knit with a couple of ladies (one being my knitting neighbor) at a local coffee shop. It is so much fun to have people who don’t knit come ask questions. We love recruiting new knitters whenever we can:)


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