Collection of Crescents

Last night and tonight I only had little bits of knitting time, so I used them to do my next two mini-shawls. I am actually testing out shapes for my next design, so I was looking for something specific. They are not out of the Exploring Shawl Shapes book, but instead from the course materials from Laura Nelkin’s Craftsy class Knit Shawls 14 Ways. The shawl shapes books has a few things that are close to what I wanted, but not quite it.

The green mini is a top-down crescent, and the yellow one is a top down heart-shaped crescent. Please excuse the terrible pictures!

As always with these things, it was fun trying out the different shaping options and seeing how they develop. I may actually knit through all of these mini shawls too, while I’m at it. There are some repeats of what’s in the book, but plenty are different!

So now I have to decide which one feels more like a Florida shawl. I’m kind of leaning toward the top one, but not entirely sure. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Collection of Crescents

  1. I love designing with that top shape; it’s really easy to fit repeating stitch patterns into the crescent that grows at each end. No increase in the middle.

    The heart shaped crescent increases twice at the end for every once in the middle (on each half of the shawl) which means inserting a lace pattern is a little harder. I usually just insert a horizontal pattern in those.

    plus! I love the way the top one wears. It’s really wide and pretty shallow, which means I can easily get a double wrap around my neck. Love, love, love it.

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    1. It does look like it will accommodate patterns better 🙂 Good to hear that it is easy to wear, too. I haven’t made one that shape yet, but it does look like it would be pretty nice. Thanks for the input!


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