Mitten 1 Done!

This evening started out with an ill-fated attempt to go see Avengers: Endgame. We thought that since it had been out for a week and a bit, and it was a weeknight, we could just wander in and see the movie. As it turned out, no. However, we did go have a consolation dinner at one of our favorite local places, Spenard Roadhouse. They do a bacon-of-the-month appetizer, so we check it out every month and when it looks good, we head there for dinner 🙂 So that worked out, anyway.

Then once we got home, after going online to get seats for Endgame for tomorrow night, I finally got the first of my Totally Tubular mittens finished!

Hopefully the 2nd one will go as fast!

How are your projects going? Also, have you seen Endgame? Plan to?

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