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Swatch Storage

With all these experiments and random knitting exercises I’m doing lately, I have run into a new problem – random swatch storage.

When I do a swatch or two for a specific project, the swatch usually gets stored in the page protector with the pattern and at least one yarn label. But all of a sudden I have piles of random swatches that aren’t connected with anything other than themselves.

Felting experiment swatches
Kate Davies Knitting Season exercises so far

I have tags to attach with what they are, and in some cases they have associated notebooks or notes pages. But how to store them? Little boxes? Small fabric or plastic bags? Clip them into little notebooks that will be just super-fat because of all the knitted swatches in them? I don’t know, so they are sitting in little piles here and there. But eventually something will need to be done.

Any ideas? Comments are welcome!

14 thoughts on “Swatch Storage

  1. Instead of keeping the actual swatches, take a photo of it and document everything needed to know about the swatch for further reference. Attach the photo and documentation together along with any project they are destined for. Then you can store it all in a notebook. This is my way of doing it and it has worked quite well for years.

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    1. Normally that would be true of me too. But this is my year of infinite distraction, so I’m trying as many new things as I can and just generally messing around. And apparently that leads to just piles of random swatches.

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  2. I think sewing them into a blanket and creating a key that tells you the yarn/needle/gauge of each swatch so you don’t have to reswatch the yarn if you ever knit with it again would be a good use for them. Or you can felt them severely and call them coasters.

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