Meandering Through the Mosaic

The dilemma with chores is always – should I totally wreck one evening, or wreck all the evenings a little bit each? I normally go for the “wreck every evening a little bit” option. This week I tried the other way. It was no fun at all on chore night, but has left me free to do more goofing off the other evenings. I don’t know that it’s better overall, but it sure feels better right now.

Done with sections one and two of my Colorshift Mosaic Cowl, and just finishing up with the first contrast color! Next up is the central chevrons section with the crazy speckled yarn.

10 thoughts on “Meandering Through the Mosaic

  1. OK, catching up with several days. Ohhhh! Love the animal yarns!!! Can’t wait to see what all you end up with. Pooh! You didn’t go with the green yarn? OK, I’ll get over it. Love the Mosaic so far, but I hate Mosaic knitting, love the look, hate the process.

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    1. LOL – the green yarn will be back! I have some nifty pattern that the really bright yellows and greens I have will suit very well 🙂 So far I am not minding doing mosaic. But of course I am doing super easy stuff still 🙂 It does look cool for sure!


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