Color Auditions

Find Your Fade is in timeout for a little bit. Just too much garter for too long. I finished the section I was in, but need a little recovery time before I go back in.

I’ve been wanted to try out mosaic knitting, so found a cowl pattern that has been in my library for a while, Colorshift Mosaic Cowl. I fished around in my stash for yarn and came up with some interesting combinations. I have just bunches of miniskeins, and fortunately this pattern works with that need.

The gray is good for the neutral/background color, and I like the Hedgehog fibers mini right under it for the central section, but had trouble deciding what to put with it.

Option 1 is to add 2 Madelinetosh unicorn tails minis – Neon Peach and Edison Bulb. This is a super bright combo. It definitely stand out against the gray, and both go with the central variegated mini.

Option 2 is a little bit calmer. The Blue Mule Fiber minis are also sparkly, though it’s hard to pick out in the picture. I was a little concerned the blue wouldn’t be different enough in value from the gray, but in a black & white picture it is different enough. It’s interesting how different the variegated skein looks depending on what is with it. I was poking around my stash for some pink, but that’s not a color I have a lot of.

I’m leaning toward option 2. Have a preference? Feel free to share below!

18 thoughts on “Color Auditions

  1. I really like option 1. I think the bright colors will work with with the gray. That being said, I’m 90% sure if I was making it for myself I would go with option 2 because it is calmer and I am scared of knitting with bright colors.

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  2. I love #2, but what about wrapping a few strands of each around a yarn stick and see how they play together. Start with the dark, add a color, more of the dark, add 2nd color, and so forth. That way you will see how much difference in value there is. Sometimes the value will change when it’s a smaller amount.

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  3. So I am a bit bias as I’m not a fan of orange so instantly thought option 2…however, option 1 really does make the speckled fibre come to life and if ever there was a project to use a neon orange perhaps against a lovely grey is a perfect opportunity? Oh my! Am I really preferring the orange (peach)! That’s so unlike me.

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