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Randomness Roundup

I’m feeling that sort of blah that you sometimes get after you are done with a big project. So no big news to report, but a few small things.

First, I copied a page out of Alyssa at Headknits book and signed up for the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave’Em to Save ‘Em program. Basically, it encourages people to buy products made from endangered or at risk livestock breeds which in turn encourages farmers to breed them. So we reward their good efforts with money, we get nifty wool, and everyone is happy, including the sheep. And eventually they aren’t endangered any more, and biodiversity is saved. Hurray!

It costs $15 to join as a fiber artist, and in return you get this passport book with the names of all the different sheep breeds that need conservation. When you buy products made of those sheep from registered farms, they send you stickers to put in your passport book. I understand there are possibly prizes involved after you have made so many things. But honestly, I’m in it to try out different kinds of wool!

Other than that, I have made some solid progress on my Find Your Fade. I’m at the point where I am fading into the last yarn color. So I have this fade section, a lace section and a solid section to go, and I can bind off. This is a pretty shawl, but it is taking pretty long to knit for sure. Admittedly, that’s mostly because I seem to get bored pretty easily right now, and have not been able to focus. But anyway, here it is so far…

So that’s what’s new here. How about with you?

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