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Novel Tea

A few teas I ordered from Harney & Sons just got here on Saturday, and I have a few new ones in the mix.

The Molly Hatch Camilla’s Blend is a really tasty fruity black tea – plum and cherry are the main fruit flavors I got when trying it out. It is delicious, and I would definitely order it again. Yellow and Blue is an herbal blend I have gotten before – it is chamomile, lavender and cornflowers. Very light and flowery flavor. Nice and relaxing for afternoon or evening sipping. The two samples I got (the little bags in the front) are not mixes, but just the ingredient listed on the label, which both make fine hot beverages. The French Super Blue Lavender is lavender. If you like lavender, then this is a good one for you, because what it says on the label is what you are getting. The last one on the right there is the wild card. Butterfly Pea Flower is dried flower buds from Thailand. When you brew them up, they have nice herbal and floral scent and flavor. But the special thing about this tea is…

It is blue! It really is exactly the color you are seeing there. Blue tea. It’s hard not to immediately plan a Star Trek themed tea party immediately – featuring blue tea! But so far I have restrained myself.

Have you found any good teas lately? Or have any old favorites to tell about?

2 thoughts on “Novel Tea

    1. I already have a teapot, and with trying to get rid of stuff, I have been able to talk myself down every time it seems like I might *need* a Star Trek tea set. Though some days are harder than others 😉


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