Stripes All Over the Place

I’m not particularly a stripe fan. They are OK here or there, but by and large, stripes are not my thing. For all of that, the last couple days all my knitting has been all stripes all the time!

First, I have gotten a bit more done on my Find Your Fade, but am still doing the fade between the French Toast (lavender) and the Gin and Tonic (light blue). Which is basically stripes. So it looks very much like the last picture I posted, but a little bit more of it.

This week’s Knitting Season topic was on messing around to spark your creativity. This week’s patterns were a randomly striped pair of fingerless gloves and a randomly striped shawl. The knitting exercise was to play around with random color stripes in a knitted swatch. So I did that.

I put a bunch of similar weight yarn leftovers in a bag which I pulled out of at random, and used a 6-sided die to determine how many rows I would knit with whatever I drew. Then when I got sick of that, I bound off, blocked it, and dusted my hands off with some satisfaction.

Then I started reconsidering. What did I learn from this except I still hate that horrible olive drab yarn? Not much. So I started again. I put together a bunch of leftover yarn from my Geek Along afghan and decided to get a bit more elaborate with my randomness. I kept the die roll to determine how many rows to knit, but also added a die roll to determine a stitch pattern for that color section. I think having a bunch of yarn that all works together is still in the spirit of the thing, because there are still yarns in that grouping that I would not put next to each other if I was making a conscious choice. There are also textures I don’t know that I would put together either. So hopefully this will be a bit more inspiring or at least interesting! Here it is so far.

So as always, we shall see how this turns out!

9 thoughts on “Stripes All Over the Place

  1. I like striped things but rarely knit them, except blankets. I have tried jumpers but the stripes rarely work out to be flattering – even if they are vertical rather than horizontal. I guess, for you, a play with leftovers is good and at least you’ve worked out some shades don’t work for you – ditto – when I play with leftovers I know I leave some in the scrap bag and wonder why on earth I’ve even got them!

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