Within Slightly Larger Limits

I just got my week 4 Knitting Season exercises finished and blocked! For this one, I took the 4×4 exercises from week 3 and expanded on them a bit. I did fewer patterns, but did more experimenting.

The bottom pattern just added an extra row between cable rows to give it a bit more room. Here it is with the original

The original pattern is on the right, the more open one is on the left.

I have been sort of trying to recreate the look of water movement or waves with these stitch patterns, and this series is just honeycombs, no matter how much space I gave it. So instead of this, I decided to just offset the pattern rows by one stitch. That became my second section. Again, here it is next to the original where the pattern is stacked directly.

I like both of these, but think the new version on the left is a little more dynamic.

And the final section added 2 stitches between my vertical meandering cable pattern. This one was not a success. Possibly it would look better with a different yarn, but I think the pattern just got lost in all the extra space. Here it is with the original again.

Of these, I like the original on the right better. At least in this yarn!

I am enjoying these pattern experiments so much, I am thinking about trying to put together a cowl out of them. So we shall see what comes of it!

10 thoughts on “Within Slightly Larger Limits

    1. LOL – trying anyway! I’m usually not good at it either. Trying to get better, and the journal is definitely helping. What has been working is charting the patterns ahead of time, then making notes on the charts. Or the last one I just did, then immediately set down my knitting and wrote it down 🙂 That’s the only way I will get it done at all!


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