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Shake It Off


Today was a day of regrouping. I frogged the trim and front of Schooner, and am reevaluating whether I am going to use the yarn for an entirely different project, or try to rejigger that one. If it’s going to an entirely different pattern, I will frog the back as well. We shall see.

I swatched some Berroco Fiora for a future project and looked at some possible patterns in Custom Fit. Then I swatched with some leftover worsted weight yarn I have lying around for the sample gansey sweater I am starting next. More about that, probably later this week.

Finally, I started wrestling with our creative assignment from Kate Davies Knitting Season club. This week our assignment is to make up a motif. I have a few idea – not sure how practical they are, but I’m going to try them out!

How was your day?

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