Schooner to the Frog Pond

So. Schooner. Tried it on this morning, as I have a tiny little bit of finishing left to do, and I was getting pretty excited to have it to wear later this week.

Not. Flattering.

Not a little not flattering. Very, very much not flattering. This is tremendously disappointing, as I could really use it in my wardrobe, and was really ready to be done with it, so I can move on with my life.

Mom and I took a more detailed look, and determined that the back is fine, but the front is not. It is pretty much way too wide and baggy. If/when I reknit the front, I need to take it in by about an inch on each side and then also do a bit more shaping than is there. So I will take it apart and frog the front. Then I think it’s going into time out while I move on to something else, as least for a little bit.

So aggravated right now. Sorry to be so crabby. I promise I will be over it tomorrow.

How are your projects going? Well, I hope!

19 thoughts on “Schooner to the Frog Pond

  1. Ouch! But on the bright side, you get to play with that yarn again. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

    I’m in a slight fallow period as I write up a design I just finished. There’s a mindless thing on my needles, but really I’m dreaming of something else right now. So many ideas that I can’t narrow things down yet. A little bit twitchy!

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  2. Oh, so disappointing! I used to love it when my mom knit me a sweater because I am very long-waisted. She could add a few inches to the length of the sweater and get it to the perfect length for me. The yarn color is so pretty!

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  3. Well, at least you are taking it in hand and redesigning and making good use of the yarn. If you are like me you finish it anyway and throw it in a drawer and forget about it. I have at least one sweater I need to pull out.

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