Time to take a short break from relentlessly going on about what I’m knitting now by taking a look at what I plan to knit next!

Directly next are swatches for this month and next month’s Custom Fit patterns. In looking through my stash, I discovered that I had 2 sweater quantities each of two different yarns. So two swatches will work out for four patterns! Yes, I am actually that lazy. So winding and knitting will be the very next thing after I finish Schooner, which I anticipate will be in a couple of days.

Then step one of the gansey project! In her book, Knitting Ganseys, Beth Brown-Reinsel takes you through knitting a little sample gansey as an initial exercise to learn some of the basic techniques. I thought I might multitask that project by making it big enough for Delores 🙂 She is a bit bigger than the book sample dimensions, so I am currently figuring out how that is going to work out. Maybe heavier weight yarn, maybe just making a bigger pattern, maybe a combination of the two. So we shall see how that works out!

How are your current project? What’s next for you?

6 thoughts on “Next!

  1. I am trying to hold steady on the shawl and cowl and not start another hat. Considering I have year ready for 2 others, it’s a struggle!! But then I could sew, it’s not like I don’t have eleventy bajillion things waiting on that side of the craft room!!

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  2. I’m trying not to cast on anything new. I really want to start a new sweater, but I can’t bring myself to buy a sweaters worth of wool right now. I suppose I could finish the sweater hibernating in my closet…


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