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Year End/Crafty Q&A

This Q&A is the first from Alissa at Headknits! My answers will be below. You can answer questions in the comments or post them to your blog. If you post them, please leave a comment so we can go read them!

  1. Do you set New Year’s Goals or Resolutions for yourself?
  2. Do you have any creative goals for the new year?
  3.  Some people like to set a goal for a certain number of things to make for the year. For example: 18 in 18. Do you do this? If so, what is the number? How do you decide the number of things to make?
  4. Do you have blogging goals for the new year? If so, what are they?
  5. What is your favorite thing you’ve made in 2018? Post a pic!
  1. No. I have tried setting New Year’s goals and resolutions for myself – it never works out. I do set goals and make resolutions in the ordinary course of life, at random times. That does seem to have a somewhat better chance of success!
  2. I do have creative goals for the year. I have a couple of patterns I have been messing with, some for years now. This year I would like to finalize and publish at least two of them. Also, this year I am signed up for the Kate Davies Knitting Season pattern club, which seems like it is going to involve some creativity exercises. Hopefully that will be helpful!
  3. I do kind of set numerical goals for myself. I just try to think about how long various types of items take to knit, and how much knitting time I am likely to have, and from that figure out a reasonable number of things to knit. And sometimes I set my goals at a bit less than I think I can get done, because of the Scotty Principle. How else will I keep my reputation as a miracle worker?
  4. I do have blogging goals for next year. I’ve been trying to write every day for the last couple of months. I don’t know if that is reasonable to keep up with. Maybe, maybe not. But I do think writing something at least every other day is totally doable, even if I find I can’t quite keep to every day.
  5. Picking a favorite thing I’ve made this year will be tough! I did Ixchel and Glenesk – both turned out really well, and I’m quite happy with them. However, for sheer fun, I think I would have to say that my favorite thing is my Dolores and her ever-expanding fabulous wardrobe! With that, let’s let the Daring Dolores lead us into 2019

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