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Who Swatches the Swatchmen?

I’m in just the third month of my Custom Fit subscription, which gives me two (2) personalized patterns a month for a year. All I have to do is knit up swatches of the yarn I am going to use for those sweaters or vests, and get in there and generate the patterns.

Guess what? I didn’t knit any swatches this month. Not one. Not of any of the many SQs of yarn I have currently in my stash, nor of the sample yarns I got individual skeins of from Knit Picks, home of cheap yarn. Not with all of the days off I had off from work this month.

So I whiffed it. One of the swatches I did bother to knit in my first month of the subscription was of Cascade 220, so I just used that, picked out two patterns I’m pretty sure I would wear, and went with it. The logic here was Cascade 220 is readily available, reasonable in price and also often on sale as Cascade retires colors pretty frequently, so the remainders are often priced to move. With all that, there’s a pretty reasonable chance that sooner or later, I will be able to pick up the yarn to make this month’s patterns.

Oh well, there’s always next month to do it right! Now to pick out the SQs I will work from…

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