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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Tuck Stitches

A little earlier this fall, I talked about tuck stitches in relation to a class with Nancy Marchant of brioche knitting fame, who is the inventor/developer of this new technique for hand knitters.  Her latest book, Tuck Stitches: Sophistication in Hand Knitting, is on this technique.


I actually bought this book over the summer to get ready for the class, and I’m glad I did as it gave me some familiarity with the class material.

Tuck stitches are kind of like brioche knitting taken to the next level.  Instead of slipping stitches 1 time per stitch, you might slip a stitch up to 5 or 6 times.  Here are some example photos from my class, that show what some of the stitch patterns look like:

In addition to developing the technique and all the stitch patterns (many of which look as great on the “back” side as on the front), she also came up with a nifty new notation method to show all the different permutations of stitch slipping.

If you already know brioche – even a little bit – you will not find tuck knitting very difficult once you try it.  Tuck Stitches is a very complete book, and will be a great tool for anyone who wants to try out this interesting new technique!

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