A Sheep, A Shark, and a Camping Trip

As I have mentioned several times before, I am kind of easily distracted.  It takes nothing more than a tantalizing project or yarn to pull me completely off of a carefully thought-out and solid knitting plan.

Up until recently, I had such a plan.  I am going to finish Glenesk and Call of the Siren and my entrelac kerchief.  And then was going to knit a pair of socks or two for my mom alternating with a cardigan I need and want for my wardrobe, and so on.  And then, a veritable storm of distractions hit, a stream of them with no breaks!  And predictably, I fell for them, one and all.

First, Webs hit me with The Sheep. This is a doll of Franklin Habit’s character Delores van Hoofen.  Not only is this a super-cute stuffed animal of a fun character, she has a little outfit!  And not only that, but a series of designers will be creating other little outfits for her.  Webs will be release the little outfit patterns or kits, along with other accessories. She comes with the nifty purple sunglasses. I am dying!  DSC08858

Then Jimmy Beans hit me with The Shark.  That would be this year’s Shark Week KAL.  The pattern is again by Laura Smoot, of previous year’s Shark Week sock fame.  You can just stash dive, of course, as the pattern is sold separately.  But the yarn kits they have available are just too perfect. So I bought one.


I won’t be watching Shark Week programming this year, but the last week of July will always be Shark Week in my heart.

And finally, my girls at Lattes & Llamas hit me with Camp Wannaknit, a summer-long free-form knitalong.  There is a special limited edition yarn, there will be a bunch of patterns released, and there are weekly Instagram contests. The yarn is lovely, I’m pretty confident I will like at least some of the patterns, and who doesn’t love goofy Instagram fun?  I haven’t bought in yet, but I will.  Oh, I will.

So, new plan!  I can’t knit all the things, sadly, but I can knit all these particular things.



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