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Knitting In Public and Otherwise

Today was a very knitty day!  DH and I had a few errands to run today, just generally getting some tasks done.  We did stop for lunch at Bombay Deluxe, our local Indian restaurant, where I got a little public knitting in before having some very tasty matar paneer.


The project is an entrelac kercheif or shawl I am making out of some handspun spun by my niece Katy, which I am making slow but sure progress on.  I’m enjoying seeing the color progression as I work on it 🙂 That’s not much public knitting, but it was a little bit, anyway.

Then I tacked on some knit-related stops on our errands.  Honestly, I was looking for the summer edition of PomPom magazine.  I have been kind of on the fence about this magazine, because a) it’s pretty expensive and b) the patterns are kind of hit and miss for my taste. So I check out the patterns in each issue on Ravelry, and if they look interesting I will buy it.  So I checked for it at Far North Yarn company, who did not have it.  The owner said they sold out before her they got to her order!  So I will check for it online and we will see.  As a last stop before we went home, we stopped at  a quilting and yarn store, Quilt Tree/Yarn Branch, which I didn’t think was going to have it, but hey – you never know.  And they didn’t.  But they did have this…


I Found my Fade!  I have a kind of big yarn-related event coming up later this year, and have been trying not to buy much if any yarn so as to save up for that.  But this lineup of beauties just threw that all out the window.  As I told DH, the USS Good Intentions ran aground in the straits of MadelineTosh.  This is actually the picture I texted to DH with the note “Talk me down!”  He didn’t.  He’s a keeper like that 🙂

Then finally when we got home, some needles I needed to progress on my Glenesk sleeve knitting showed up, so I got to make a lot of progress on my first sleeve.

And that was my very knitty Saturday.  How was yours?


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