Progress Report

My Nessie sock #2 is coming along very well…


The leg is done and the heel is turned, now on to the foot!  And I have to get a move on with it, as next week the Lattes & Llamas girls are starting a new cryptid knit MKAL – Call of the Siren – which somehow involves mermaids, double knitting and mosaic knitting, and two different gradient yarns that are dyed specifically to play off each other!  So I definitely need to do that one, too.

Because I’m on kind of a deadline, naturally I started another project – and Entrelac shawl or kerchief using one of yarns my niece spun…


And last but not least, I finished my red/white/black bulky weight yarn project!  Pictures and the whole story in a day or two, because there’s still a teeny bit of finishing to do (weaving in ends and so on), and also I’m hoping to get some slightly nicer pictures for this project than I usually get.  What?  Nicer than the retro formica table?  I know it seems incredible, but I think it can possibly be done – more soon!

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