Glenesk – Moving Right Along


Making decent progress on Glenesk so far – what you are looking at is one repeat of the pattern.  Now I just have to do that one and a half more times, and I add the steek stitches for the sleeves and start decreasing for the V neck.  And then sleeves and the neck & button band. So interesting times ahead, in a knitterly sense.

The pattern consists of a motif that is thirty stitches wide repeated however many times around the sweater, and 44 stitches high.  The fact that it repeats is what makes it so much easier to work than the Princess Line sweater, aka my personal knitting Waterloo.  The color changes keep it interesting, and the pattern is well marked so that as long as you are paying some amount of attention it is pretty straightforward. I’m using jump rings to separate off the motifs, which I find makes it pretty easy to make sure I am keeping the stitch count and the pattern correct. I came up with a yarn management system that is working out pretty well for me, about which more later.

So I’m pleased that all is going well and looking pretty good so far!



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