A Week of WIPs just WIPping along

I’ve been holding out on posting because it really seemed like something was going to get finished this week.  And yet neither current project did.

My Fangtastic socks are about 3/4 of the way done, but are not yet finished.  My Colorblock top too is juuuuusstt this far from being done, but is still in progress.

However, this week I am going on a work trip to one of those places where I’m not going to have anything to do in the evenings other than knit.  And both of my current efforts are coming with me.  So come hell or high water, I will have an FO or two to report by the end of next week!

Likewise I don’t have a book report this week.  I am reading the new knitting ergonomics book (Knitting Comfortably by Carson Demers) right now, and it is so well done and so interesting – I am looking forward to telling you all about it!  But it too remains in progress.  Hope I will have more to report next week!



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