A Week of Waiting

Well, it’s been a kind of a boring week, knitting-wise.  As far as everything else, it was a crazy one, so maybe it all balances out!

What I mainly did this week was wait.  The first thing I’m waiting for is to start the Hunting Sasquatch sock MKAL!


By the time the first clue was released on Wednesday, I had gotten my kit, wound my yarn, knit up my tiny little gauge swatch and was ready to go! But wait, what’s missing here?  Yarn, check. Pattern, check.  Needles? Where are they? In transit, that’s where.

I have the right size in double points, which was great for the gauge swatch, but I want to do them 2 at a time, and that means circulars.  Which I ordered last week from Webs, who shipped them in reasonable time.  Then USPS picked them up, shipped them from MA to…Hawaii.  Which overshoots Anchorage by a considerable margin.  So my needles have been on a bit of an extended world tour.  But it looks like after several days AWOL they are back in Anchorage now, so I should have them Monday.  Which is fine – it’s not my transplant lung or anything – it will wait.  That’s what I keep telling myself, though I am antsy to get started!  So what have I been doing?


This.  Coming along a bit, eh?  I’m a bit over halfway finished with the back now.  It is boring, but I’m looking forward to wearing it.  I have been strongly resisting the temptation to start something else – there’s a hat I want to make for a coworker’s birthday, two SOCK club pairs of socks, and shawls and sweaters almost beyond counting in the queue.  But if I stick with this, maybe it will get done in a kind of timely fashion.  Oh well, back at it!

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