Knitting Traditions

PDK (Public Displays of Knitting)

Knitting (or really any kind of crafting) in public seems, for some reason, to be somewhat problematic.  In spite of being a relatively harmless activity, crafting in public seems to bother people. Not everyone, obviously, but enough so that there are whole conversation threads on Ravelry about issues people have had knitting in public.  I’m sure part of this is that there are people who have a problem with EVERYTHING, and part of it may be that people are just curious.  Clearly, crafting is somewhat misunderstood.  Otherwise, why does almost every article about knitting (or crochet or embroidery, etc) start with some variation on the phrase “Not your grandmother’s knitting”?

So to counter that, and also to have a big public day to celebrate our craftiness, we have World Wide Knit In Public Day coming up.  There’s not really much explanation needed for what this day is about.  It’s to knit.  In public.  Some people will find a public place and just hang out and knit for a while.  Some will gather in groups and knit.  It is June 10 this year, and you can find local events for WWKIP all around the world by following the link, and then clicking Find a KIP.  Here in Alaska, we have two official ones – one in Delta Junction, and one in Anchorage in Mountain View.  There may be unlisted ones going on as well – ask around if you are involved in a knitting group or have knitty friends.

Now obviously, many people just knit in public as a matter of course – on the bus or subway, out on a bench enjoying nice weather, or wherever they may be.  So what’s the point of this?  Really for the same reason any group wants to do anything in mass numbers in public.  To see that we really aren’t alone in our interest. To give others a chance to see what we are all about – or to use a phrase I kind of hate but which is accurate here “raise awareness”.  To just get out and enjoy our craft with others of our kind. And that’s all worth doing.  So I’ll see you and your knitting, somewhere in Alaska, on June 10th!


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