WIP Wednesday!

*WIP = Works In Progress

As I keep complaining, I have a few projects going on right now.  For those of you following along from home, here’s how they’re going…

Geek Along afghan squares


Coming along pretty nicely!  These blocks represent, in the upper row, Saturn Girl and Guardian, (I know – I’ve never heard of either of them either) and in the lower row, Hawkgirl and…well, I can’t say his name, but it rhymes with ‘pulverine’.  In case you are not a Deadpool fan, that is Wolverine.  We are very nearly halfway done with this year’s blocks, and so far it’s pretty fun!  I doubt I’ll do this every year, but I’m glad I took a chance with it this year.  As of last night, I’m caught up.  So now I can let it slide for a few weeks and hopefully make more progress on one of my more serious projects.  Specifically…



Also coming along reasonably well!  I think this is probably the most neglected of the current projects, but even so it’s coming along.  The interesting bit of this is changing directions with some frequency, which allows the colors to pool in interesting and ever-changing ways.  And last but not least…

Provence Shawl


Coming along really well!  The flowers are done (all 20 of them), and the leaves as well.  They are worked via some clever short row construction, and came out great! Thinking about putting some kind of button or bead in the center of each – it kind of looks like they need something, doesn’t it?

Now I am on the shawl part itself, which starts with some extremely long rows, and is comparatively boring as it’s mostly garter stitch.  I kind of suspect I am doing the accent rows not quite correctly, but on the other hand, it looks fine.  So that’s pretty much how it’s going to stay.

What are you working on?





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