First up, a progress report.  I’m actually making some progress on the Princess Line sweater, and it’s going pretty well.


However, you really do need to pay attention to the pattern while you’re working on it.  Which is fine, but the practical reality of it made me kind of rethink my action plan.  In the beginning I was planning on not doing any other knitting until this project is done.  In really for reals life, that is not going to work.  I also need a project I can work on that I don’t need to pay that much attention to.  Something I can knit while there’s a movie on I want to watch, or during lunch breaks at work.  Also, I am really hot to make some progress on the Geek-A-Long.  So I slipped in a couple of those this week as well.


This is the boxing glove arrow that represents the Green Arrow.


Also, Baby Groot!

So that was my week, at least on the knitting front!

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