Keep Knitting and Knitting and Knitting…

That’s what this past week felt like.  Miles and miles of plain stockinette, as far as the eye can see.  The two projects I have going right now were each chosen when I was feeling like I really was not up to much complexity in my life.  But right now, they are both so very, very boring. They are so boring that switching from one to another just changes the needle size on my boredom.  I’m almost done with my skirt, thank God – just binding off and blocking and a little finishing to do..


I am looking forward to wearing it, which is the only reason I haven’t yet given up.  Because OMG, so boring to knit.

Also mostly boring are my current sock project


I had a little excitement because earlier this week I got so bored with them I just went ahead and knit the heels, and it was way too early.  Then when I tried them on I needed to rip them back and knit some more, then do the heels again.  The next pair should be a bit more interesting, because I am going to try a brand new (to me) toe and gussets for the heels.  So that should be a bit different!

Anyway, into each hobby a little boringness must fall, I guess.  Coming up are a cable-strewn cardigan, a pair of mittens for a local charity, and a nifty shawl.  Also coming up fast is the knitting retreat I have next month!

Pretty much my plan for the end of the year is to clear the decks a bit of projects I have had in the works for a while to make way for my master knitting plan for 2017, of which more later.  For now, I’ll just keep knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting…


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