What’s on the Needles Now?

Well, the past week has seen some knitting-related progress!  First, I finished the sweater I have been working on – Oddrun, designed by Elsebeth Lavold.  I am pretty happy with how it got…


It’s a nice pattern, some shaping, a little bit of cabling, but nothing too crazy.  There is also the option to make it either with the slits (which as you see, I picked) or without.  I did a little extra shaping in the chestal region, but other than that, pretty much followed the pattern.  Very happy with how it turned out!







I almost immediately then started a new project – a variant on a Simple Straight Skirt


As you can see, just getting started here.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Milano.  I have two colors of this stuff, and plan to make both yarns into this same skirt.  It’s in the clearance section at Webs, so hey, why not?  At this juncture, I’m planning on doing the whole thing in the round, though the pattern wants to knit most of it in two panels.  Right now I just don’t feel like it, so I’m not going to.  There’s something very liberating about the thought of just knitting stockinette in the round until I run out of yarn.  Soon I’m going to thread some waste yarn through it and make sure it will fit OK.  Then I basically don’t plan to think about it at all.  Just knit.  🙂

Finally, continuing to make good progress on my Dragonfly shawl.  DSC07731.JPG

This is the most recent picture, though I have made quite a bit more progress since this picture.  There’s now a second braid, a third plaid section, and the start of a ruffled border.

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