What’s on the Needles Now?

For the past couple of weeks, I have had a few projects in the works that were sort of black holes of knitting efforts.  I knit and knit and knit and knit, and there didn’t seem to be any less yarn, and I was still nowhere close to done.  Then finally, I broke away from the event horizon (or whatever), and things started to get done.  Specifically…


My Sock Experiment #3 is done!  This yarn knits up hella long!  I originally got the other pink yarn for the toes and heels because I was afraid I was going to end up with dinky little short socks, which I am not really a fan of.  As you can see, that was not a worry I needed to have.  I think this was a successful experiment – these socks are the best-fitting of any I have knitted so far.  I have one more skein of Biscotte yarn – this one in a candy-corn Halloween colorway from last year’s mystery sock club – that will be for the next pair I do.

So what’s next?  I am a bit over halfway done with a sweater – it is Oddrun by Elsebeth Lavold.  So far, I’m pretty happy with it.  There will be pics as I progress.  For the little project, I’m giving socks a rest for a minute.  I just started a Dragonfly shawl.  The pattern was introduced in a MKAL Jimmy Beans ran this spring.  True to form, I lurked for a bit until I decided I liked, then bought in.  Couldn’t start until just now because there were other things that needed to happen first.  However, it’s coming along nicely now that I am started…



Its a really unique creation that alternated faux plaid pattern with horizontal braid cables.  As always, more pics as I progress!  So that’s what I’m up to these days.  How about you?


2 thoughts on “What’s on the Needles Now?

  1. I made that shawl!! Except I wasn’t really happy with how it came out 😦 I can’t really put my finger on why. The horizontal braids maybe. Yours is very pretty though, I like those colors better than the ones I used (the Jamie’s Plaid and the baby blue that they recommended).


    1. That’s neat! Did you do the MKAL? Sorry you weren’t happy with it – it’s a lot of work to not like the result. The recommended colors are really pretty, but they don’t go with anything in my closet, so i went with these. They are pretty different yarns, so I am very much hoping it will work out.


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