Who Ya Gonna Shawl? Spoiler Alert

I am finished with clue 1 of the Who Ya Gonna Shawl MKAL(Ravelry link). The next one is out on Friday, and I’m really looking forward to it. The pattern is by Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits and will be published in weekly installments until the end of March. Most of her patterns are full of theme in-jokes on some geeky topic or another, which I love. This one is Ghostbusters themed, as you likely guessed! I am using a yarn kit from Miss Babs in the Ectoplasmic Residue colorway.

DH and I had a Ghostbusters marathon this weekend, starting with the original on Friday when I cast on. It has been a while since I had seen the original movie, so it was fun watching it again. Then on to GB 2 and Afterlife, and rounded out the marathon with the controversial Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. I actually love this movie to pieces, so it needed to be included.

Normally at this point I would ask if you like to do MKALs or something knitting related. And please do feel free to comment on your MKAL feelings. But now I’m more thinking about lady Ghostbusters. Where are you on this topic – lady Ghostbusters, yes or no? Do tell!

20 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Shawl? Spoiler Alert

    1. I think it’s awesome too 🙂 Glad you guys had fun with it! It’s definitely a different vibe than the original, but in the end, it’s all about busting ghosts with your friends!


      1. Yes indeed! And honestly… a different vibe than the original is not a bad thing. At all. (I really like the original Ghostbusters movies too, but DO NOT like Bill Murray’s character. He’s a creep and I hate that the movies glorify his personality. I like Ghostbusters in spite of Venkman, certainly not because of him.)

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