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2022 – A Look Back In Horror*

Although 2022 was definitely not the best year ever, for me it had a lot of good. I got to go on some fun trips, including to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Fest with some wonderful friends. I got to visit other parts of Wisconsin earlier in the year, as well as a few shorter trips around Alaska. I learned a lot of new things and had some new experiences at work. And I knitted a fair amount as well 🙂

I took three short classes and one long course.

I made 4 sweaters:

4 hats

6 pairs of mittens (not appearing is my Mom’s Christmas mittens that I somehow never got a picture of):

3 Cowls:

3 shawls:

And 2 pairs of socks

I also frogged one biggish shawl about halfway through and designed something that is going to remain secret for a little while until I can get myself together enough to finish writing up the pattern.

Not my most productive year ever, but also not too bad. Here’s hoping next year is similar or maybe a bit better!

Do you track your productivity for the year (or an alternate time period, like the Year of Projects group)?

*Not really. That’s what Dave Barry always used to call his annual New Year’s retrospective and I just think it’s hilarious.

26 thoughts on “2022 – A Look Back In Horror*

  1. That’s pretty productive. Do you ever have things that “don’t get?” Or do you rip them apart and reuse the yarn. When I sewed that would happen sometimes. With fabric, once it’s cut, it’s hard to reuse for something else.

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  2. Oh, I love that Sasquatch hat! And it’s a small enough project that maybe I’d actually do…

    The Elvis mittens are also fabulous, and my sister would love them. But I’d have to knit TWO…

    I still track my projects in Ravelry, but I didn’t even look there to see what I did last year. Maybe later. Busy!

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    1. It is a super cute hat, and very versatile – different colors would give it a totally different vibe. I just liked the sunset look. Like Sasquatch is crepuscular 😉
      Maybe your sister would like one for this year and a second one for next year?


  3. That’s a lot of projects! And they look great! 😀 I track my knitting progress on an annual basis also, but this year my wrap-up was very abbreviated.

    (I haven’t thought about Dave Barry’s columns in a while, though when I was young it was a weekly tradition. I loved the stories about Zippy the Emergency Backup Dog.)

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    1. I know you track your projects and stitch counts, which is so cool!
      Dave Barry was one of our traditions too – whoever grabbed the Sunday paper first read the column to everyone else. I love his writing style! The Zippy stories were always so funny 🙂


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