Mitten Monday

I am really loving the alliteration right now 🙂

I’ve got two projects on the go right now – the Just Beachy shawl and the Flombre mittens. I’d like to finish one or the other of them by the year end, and it certainly won’t be the shawl. So I’ve set that aside for the moment and just focusing on the mittens. I got the first one done yesterday…

And a little less than halfway done on the second one today! This is a totally self-imposed deadline, but it seems to mean a lot to me for some reason. It does feel good to be getting stuff done 🙂

Do you ever set random deadlines for yourself and then push to meet them?

14 thoughts on “Mitten Monday

  1. These are so pretty. They remind me of pansies or violets that my grandmother grew, even though the petals are slightly different…that’s what keeps coming to mind. I set random deadlines all the time and then get total distracted 🤦‍♀️

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  2. The mitten looks great! I do self-imposed deadlines, too… honestly, most of my knitting deadlines are self-imposed. But still, sometimes I work better to a deadline no matter where it came from, so it makes perfect sense to me that we create them for ourselves. I hope you enjoy finishing up mitten #2!

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