Wednesday WIPs

I’m down to just 2 active WIPs right now, but that should change pretty soon. I’m still working on my blue/green cardigan, and the other is a new one I just cast on. I’m doing a second Holiday Doodle cowl for myself.

Snowflake theme! I’m just making this a single-sided medium size cowl, so hopefully will be done with it this week. Then I’ve got 3 things to finish off in December. Will I make it? Only time will tell πŸ™‚

Do you have any crafting ( or other) goals you are racing to meet by the end of the year?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Ooh it’s pretty colours so far. I’m hoping to finish a pair of socks for Allistar. I accidentally pulled the yarn from the wrong end of the Regia Pairfect yarn and have yet to hit the stripes…panicked and have now wound the yarn into 2 balls and I’ve started the 2nd sock so I can check that there is the same amount of plain colour. What a numpty.

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  2. No gift knitting here! But I’m almost done with a new design; I won’t know if I love it until it’s off the needles and blocked. In theory, it works! And the math works especially well, so I’m tickled about that.

    Then 2 IDP samples for Knit Picks, but I have til sometime in January for those, I think.

    My real holiday goal was to print a few more tea towels, and I did that yesterday and today. I need to return all the equipment to my friend so she can run a workshop next week! Nothing like the power of a deadline, right?

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