Serbian Lace

Last Sunday I took an online class through Virtual Vogue Knitting Live on knitting Serbian Lace. Andre de Castro was the teacher, and since I had taken another class with him a while ago, I thought it should be interesting.

And it was! The lace patterns he featured in the class are not ones commonly in use in Serbia now. He found an old knitting book in a used book shop and got help from a Serbian-fluent friend to translate. From what he told us, it was one of those older style books with no photos and no charts – just written out instructions. He didn’t even know what the lace would look like once it was knitted up, so it has been a real adventure for him.

This was his first time teaching the class and the patterns were translated and knitted up pretty recently, so he made a few corrections while the class was going on. But VKL sent out the updated class handout, so I’ve got all the corrections. It was neat being there at the introduction of a new class. So here are my samples:

So I’m not going to lie – these patterns were a challenge for me. I had to have two or three tries for a few of them. But I got them done! One thing I learned in this class is that if I’m going to seriously take up lace knitting, I definitely need some much pointier needles. But I muddled through, and they turned out pretty well!

15 thoughts on “Serbian Lace

    1. Tatting really is intricate! My grandmother did it as well. A lot of lace is crocheted, and I think that’s really what crochet does best. There is a fair amount of knitted lace too. I don’t do a lot of it myself, but it’s out there 🙂

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      1. I like the feel of them. Also, the cable is nice and what I want out of a circular needle’s cable: flexible without being mushy, if that makes sense. I like the cable to hold enough of a shape while I’m working with it without being stiff. The lace tip is also good; there are other lace tips I like as well (one of the Addi models comes to mind, but I forget which one) but it’s really just the whole combination that keeps me going back.

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