Finding Just the Right Gold

One of my current WIPs, a Holiday Doodle cowl, has been giving me fits. I kept trying to start, and just could not get enthused about it at all. I just could not get the right yarn for one of the colors I wanted to use.

First try – that yellow is way too bright.

The next try was closer in color to what I wanted, but was a really dense, heavy acrylic that didn’t work at all with the other yarns.

Third try. Much nicer yarn, but now the color is more Velveeta than gold. If I work in a pattern area about festive processed cheese, this will be my go-to yarn.

This one was just right!

And once I had the right yarn, the project just started to flow.

Have you had a project thwart you lately? Do tell!

15 thoughts on “Finding Just the Right Gold

  1. Festive processed cheese project 😂 🤣 oh goodness I hope that one day happens with the cheese coloured yellow yarn. In the meantime those final colours look gorgeous together…but one day I hope you find a festive cheese pattern.

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