Wednesday WIPs

Well, I’m back to working on more than one project again! It feel more normal, but I notice the projects are moving a bit slower 🙂

The blue-green cardigan fronts in the back are Drops 106-11 Jacket (Ravelry link), which I started much earlier this year and set aside for Halloween knitting time. The black and white thing is the first of my brother’s Christmas KISS mittens. (Ravelry link) And finally, the green ring is a little bit of a start on my Mom’s Holiday Doodle cowl (yet again, Ravelry link).

My hope for this month is to get 2 pairs of mittens and 2 cowls done, and hopefully some good progress on the cardigan. Doable? Only time will tell! What are you working on, and how is it going?

10 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Now my jumper is finished I’m like you and re-looking at other projects that have been a wee bit neglected the last month. Dolores’ skirt is coming along and I bought the Alaska hat pattern today which I’ll cast on soon-ish.

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  2. Sounds doable to me! I really just want to finish up my gift socks this month (should be doable, since I’m nearly to the heel turn on both). Anything else is gravy! Though I’m looking forward to being in a period of “knit for myself” again. 😉 I’m thinking I want to make a lacy beaded shawl next. Something frivolous just for the fun of knitting it.

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