Wednesday WIP

For the first time in a long time, I am working on only one project! After I finished the Bone-A-Fide hat, I decided to just focus on my Ghost Knitter’s shawl for a while to see what kind of progress I could make.

I’m finished with the striped part of the shawl and into the skull lace part. It’s going pretty well! I wasn’t sure about the orange I’m using for the lace, but I’m happy with it. Also, the stripes are growing on me 🙂

I think later this week I will start the Bone-A-Fide mitts, probably over the weekend. But maybe I’ll wait until the shawl is completely finished. Time will tell!

What are you working on, and how is it going?

20 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

  1. I’m enjoying watching your progress. Today I expect to finish socks #3 of my 4-part sock challenge. Since I am waiting for a set of needles to start the 4th pair, I will cast on a project for me this weekend.

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  2. Now you’re singing my song…one project is how I roll!

    I like the orange section; it helps that there was recently some orange in the garter stripes. That really pulls it together.

    I’m working on a design project. I was almost done with the knitting, but then I realized there was a better way to do part of it, so I frogged almost back to the beginning. But it will be worth it; it looks so much better with a little extra TLC.

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    1. I like to have a couple of projects going – each project takes longer, but it adds a little variety into my knitting time. And there are so many projects I want to make!!
      You’re right – having the orange repeat somewhat is helping pull it together a bit.
      Can’t wait to see your new design project 🙂


      1. I just have to have one (or two) projects, so that I don’t get too distracted! Or I’d never finish anything.

        My new project is making me so very mathematically happy. I love it when that happens! It got picked for a book, so I won’t be able to show it for a very long time. I will love showing it when I finally can!


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