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MatSu Fiber Festival!

This weekend is the annual MatSu Fiber festival in Palmer AK, which is about an hour away from my house. Mom, DH and I went, and as usual had a pretty good time πŸ™‚ It is still not quite back to it’s pre-COVID activity level. However, there were classes in dyeing, weaving, felting, and spinning, along with vendors and a few food trucks. It rained pretty hard most of today, but fortunately the event is held inside one of the big Ag barns at the state fairgrounds.

We got there a bit after opening time today, so it was a little quiet right when we arrived, though the crowd level steadily increased while we were there.

Some of the vendors were the same as previous years, others were new. I missed seeing some of the yarn producers from Fairbanks, but it turns out there was a big market going on up there this weekend as well. But I did manage to find some lovely yarn anyway.

The two pouches and little trees are from a lady there demonstrating weaving and selling handwoven products. The stitch markers are from a Mom and little daughter duo who had a little stand selling stitch markers, woven potholders, and project bags.

Do you have any local fiber shows or fests you like to go to?

17 thoughts on “MatSu Fiber Festival!

  1. Oh wow, on my iPad I had a good zoom in on your goodies. Some really beautiful finds here. I love the rainbow weaving, those chunky yarns look so squishy, I’m loving squishy yarns at the moment. Love the wee pumpkin set of markers. These are some great finds. Loch Ness Knit Fest stopped running in 2019 so nothing big nearby any more. About 100 miles south there’s a new festival happening I noticed on Instagram. Technically I could get there by train but I’m resisting the temptation to check the dates.

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  2. That is indeed some lovely yarn! I used to go to Stitches West when it was in Santa Clara, CA, but it was moved to Sacramento after the COVID closures and I don’t see myself driving that far for a fiber convention that doesn’t have sheep present. I’ll have to look for a (semi-)nearby one with sheep that I can go to.

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