Thursday ThWIPs

I’m in the unusual situation of having just two projects going right now – my Halloween sweater and my Solstice wrap – so they are both moving along pretty well! As usual, please excuse the terrible indoor nighttime photos

The Halloween sweater is almost ready for binding off – the body at least. Then there’s the sleeves, steeking, and button bands. But when the body gets bound off it feels like the big part is done!

I’m about a third of the way on the Solstice wrap and it’s still keeping my interest, so that’s good πŸ™‚ Summer may well be over by the time I’m done with this thing, but it’ll be ready for next year then.

I have the pattern and coloring sheets for the third project in the Color for Knitting club, but somehow or the other needed to get more yarn for it. So that’s on it’s way from Knit Picks, which means I will likely have a third project on my needles at some point. Probably next week. But for the time being it’s nice to just focus on these two!

What are you working on, and how is it going?

9 thoughts on “Thursday ThWIPs

  1. Looking forward to your steek cutting! When I saw the picture first, I thought it would be henley necked, but now I see that it’s full on cardi. Cool!

    I’m finishing my re-knit assigned pooling hat. Then I need to write a handout/pattern for my Knit Maine class. But I may knit a headband with the remaining yarn, first!

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