12 thoughts on “Agriculture Report

  1. Very pretty flowers. My garden has its highlights and lowlights. The native coneflowers look spectacular this year, and they are covered in little butterflies. Most of the rest is getting fried, due to lack of rain and high heat. There’s only so much water I am willing to spill on this landscape. I reserve most of it for the vegetables.

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    1. I would like to do more gardening, but am pretty happy with what we’ve got for now. We’re also looking at moving, and some yard space is definitely on the must-have list for a new house.


      1. I don’t really want tons of yard space in a new place, but I would like some kind of accessible outdoor area where I can have a handful of plants in pots. The patios at our current place are unusable to me for a few different reasons, which makes me sad. Something to look for in a new home, though!

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