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Wednesday WIPs

I’m working on the sleeves of my Yawl cardigan – hopefully will be done soon! The new project is my start on the Ocean Moon MKAL shawl. I made a mistake when I initially did the first moon, so had to rip back and reknit that part. So I have a bit to do yet to finish clue 1. But I really love the way it is turning out so far! No progress on Mom’s Christmas mittens this week, but I hope to get some knitting in on them this weekend.

What are you working on and how is it going?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. The Ocean Moon MKAL looks like it will be an interesting project to work on! And the fabric that’s working up for your cardigan looks so comfy. I bet it will be lovely to wear when it’s finished. I’ve been making a push to get my current sweater finished, too. I still doubt I’ll have it done in time to wear this season, but I really want to have it wearable soon.

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