Monday Mittens

I got a very small start on my Mom’s Christmas mittens! The pattern is Christmas Feeling (Ravelry link), and the yarn is Knit Picks Palette in Garnet Heather, Cream and Ivy. I probably won’t post a lot about these until they are given and opened. I’m relatively sure my Mom does not read my blog, though, so it should be OK.

Do you start present knitting early or leave it until closer to the holiday?

7 thoughts on “Monday Mittens

  1. Those are going to be so beautiful! I usually wait until the holidays, then the knitting goes into the new year. Have I learned my lesson? No. I will probably keep doing that. But my kids’ birthdays are in March, so it’s still a good time to gift. 🙂

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  2. Oh, these are lovely! I always start my gift knitting well in advance of Christmas, though that doesn’t mean that I’m consistent about actually working on the items I start. So I usually go into the holiday season still panicked about finishing everything in time. (And those few years when I am done in advance, I often will add last minute knitted gifts because “I have time.”) LOL

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    1. LOL! I mostly do too. But I’ve got a lot of lead time and thought it might be fun. Also, I have not informed any of the intended recipients they are getting mittens, so if it doesn’t happen, no harm 🙂


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