Park Blocks: Slowly But Surely

I had a lot of knitting time today, which let me get two National Park afghan blocks done! (Ravelry link)

Happy Galentine’s Day!!

This block represents Glacier National Park, specifically the Going-to-the-Sun road which is a feature of the park. For more about this park, check out their website here.

And this one represents Mesa Verde National Park. The block depicts the cliff dwellings the park is famous for. I have a sort of connection to this park. When my parents first retired, they got an RV and spent quite a few years driving around, spending seasons working at different parks. They went back to Mesa Verde several times. They had great adventures there assisting the biology staff with various tasks and seeing the sights. Here is a link to Mesa Verde’s website.

Hope everyone had a great weekend either with the Superbowl or the Superb Owl or the Puppy Bowl or whatever you like!

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