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Now that all the Christmas excitement is over and all the yarn advents have been unwrapped, here are mine:

This is a half month/12 day advent my DH gave me for Christmas. It is from Fangirl Fibers, and the theme is Marshmallow World. It is 11 20g. miniskeins and 1 full skein. They aren’t traditional Christmas colors, but they are still somehow festive. This set came with the cute marshmallow stitch markers you can sort of see here (they have a mirror backing which makes them very hard to photograph), and also a lotion bar and a really nice candle. This is a great set, and I am very happy with the yarn and the extras that came with it. Her sets aren’t cheap, but they are always a good value.

This set is from Ms. Monster, of many earlier posts fame. I have gotten Halloween advents from her for the past few years, and always love her yarn. I haven’t linked to her shop as she is shut down for the time being. This set doesn’t really have a stated theme, but I would say it’s a mix of Christmas colors and winter colors. It’s 24 10g minis and a full size skein. It didn’t come with any extras, but it’s also priced accordingly.

I find advents enjoyable, as you get something little to open every day. For me, it extends the festive holiday period for weeks, which I really like. Of course now I’m hooked on advents! I couldn’t help but notice a few dyers now have Valentines’ Day countdowns…

Did you do any kind of advents or countdowns this year? If so, what kind was it and how did you like it?

20 thoughts on “Advents

    1. You should get yourself an advent – they are so fun! And it looks like a lot, but it really comes out to the equivalent of 2 or 3 skeins of yarn. So really it’s a shawl’s worth. Treat yourself!


  1. Lol I was eyeing a valentines advent today too:). I have determined that I seem to like advents that have a theme for the colour so that all the mini skeins work together. Your first advent looks amazing!

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