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Wow! One thing led to another this week, and when I looked up it had been four days since I blogged! Part of the reason is there isn’t much new happening in my knitting life. Same socks for DH and Arrowhead cardigan as the last time I talked about it. I am making progress, but am not sure how interesting it is for readers to keep hearing about the same things over and over again.

But one thing that is new is this week’s Christmas Advent minis!

The advent set is from Ms. Monster, who has sadly closed down her shop. Hopefully just temporarily while she moves, but no ETA on when she plans to open again. In addition to this advent that I bought for myself, my DH got me a half-month one that starts on the 14th. So I’m pretty jazzed to start opening that!

And right now that’s all that is new with me. How about you?

12 thoughts on “Countdown

    1. Yup! Exactly – here a few more inches of that same thing. Hopefully soon I will have a milestone to report, but until then, just trying to find something interesting to talk about 🙂 I am enjoying the minis! I love advents!

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