One Project Frogged, Another Started

I have been knitting and knitting and knitting on the Findhorn Wrap, and am still not even close to a quarter of the way done.

I was a bit farther along than this, but still something like 24 more squares to knit on this strip – and then 3 more like it. I just completely ran out of interest. So I gave up and frogged it. I will try this modular technique at some point, but probably on something a bit smaller than this.

Since all my projects lately have been big ones that are taking forever to complete, I was looking for something fast, something I could get done quickly. Super-Bulky yarn to the rescue!

I bought two skeins of this green and two of the red a few years ago at a destash and with this very sort of project in mind. So a few hours knitting, and there’s a lot of big squishy brioche cowl done already!

In semi-unrelated news, here is the first 5 days of my Christmas yarn advent from Ms. Monster!

8 thoughts on “One Project Frogged, Another Started

    1. Yes, I agree. Sometimes projects just aren’t going to work out for whatever reason. The cowl is really cushy! It will be going to my Mom, who is a Christmas elf in a big way 🙂 The advent calendar is so pretty so far!


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