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Countdown To Christmas

I don’t do Christmas advents all that often, but this year there were two I couldn’t resist – one tea and one yarn (of course).

The tea one is from the Dollar Tea Club. It is looking promising so far! It started today with one biggish package of a black tea called Amaretto Blush. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, as it is black tea and I opened in in the evening after work. But I’m trying it tomorrow! The big silver number diamonds on the packets are scratch off, so you don’t see what kind of tea it is until you have scraped it clean. In addition to 24 packets of tea, it also came with a tea ball, a honey stix, and a tea journal, which I’m pretty jazzed about. I do have a big tea notebook that I keep on teas that I try, it will be fun to use this little journal!

The yarn countdown is from Ms. Monster, creator of many of my Halloween yarns and countdowns, and much more. I did get one of these Advents as a present for my Mom. Then when she announced she was closing down her shop, I decided to get one for myself as well. Day 1 is very festive – looking forward to the next 24!

Are you doing any advents/countdowns for Christmas or year’s end?

16 thoughts on “Countdown To Christmas

  1. I just have my mittens with chocolate in and my baby camel and silk fibre advent this year. The last two years I’ve had Cookston Crafts yarn minis advent and didn’t this year, then yesterday she revealed her day 1 skein and ooh it was pretty and I wished I’d got that one too. Doh! I love the idea of trying the tea and then scratching it off to find what it was. All too often I don’t try things because I don’t like the sound of it.

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    1. Usually I don’t go for them either. I only do yarn countdowns/advents from dyers I trust. With the tea thing I know there will be some I don’t care for, but with so many little samples it’s worth the gamble 🙂


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