Findhorn Wrap

I finally got a start on the Findhorn Wrap from the AC Techniques (formerly AC Knitwear) Confident Knitting club. This month’s technique is modular knitting, which I haven’t done much of at all. And since it’s a nifty pattern, I though I’d give it a go!

It is made up of four long strips, so I’ve got a lot to go, but I’m glad to have a start on it. The yarns are a mix of Madeline Tosh minis and scraps. It feels good to be pulling things out of stash. Also to be using some miniskeins. Miniskeins are my kryptonite – I cannot resist them, though it’s a little tough finding things to use them in.

What are you working on this weekend, and how is it going?

8 thoughts on “Findhorn Wrap

    1. If you are in Confident Knitting, it is the November pattern, so it should be in your subscription.
      They stopped sending out monthly updates after they sent the whole ebook in September. They just changed it maybe a week or two ago.

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